About Us

St. Joseph Catholic Church has chartered Troop 913 since 1996, prides itself on being one of the more active troops in the district.  Traditional scouting values, as well as outdoor and leadership skills are taught through our weekly meetings, monthly outings, or our summer program activities.  Whether you are a new Scout looking to build your first year skills, or an older scout looking for the highest level of adventure scouting has to offer, Troop 913 has a program for you.

During the last 21 years, our scouting program has turned-out 65+ Scouts who have completed the Trail to Eagle. During that same time period, our High Adventure Program has resulted in hundreds of Scouts and adults trekking into wilderness areas from Maine, Louisiana,  Canada to New Mexico and the waters off Key West, Florida.

Meeting Time and Place - Troop meetings are normally held the first three Wednesdays of each month at 7pm, at St. Joseph's Church Parish Hall Meeting Rooms, 750 Peachtree St., Herndon VA



Based on Troop 913’s strong Scouting Heritage and our commitment to advancement and program, here are some thoughts about our expectations for you and your son.

The Scout

  1. Place a high priority on "having FUN" by participating in Scouting…what Scouting’s founder, Sir Baden-Powell, called, "A game with a purpose!"
  2. Follow the Scouting path by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law
  3. Show Scouting Spirit by attending meetings and outings on a regular basis
  4. Show leadership by participating in your patrol and your troop. Hold a position of responsibility. Contribute.
  5. Be an active participant in our High Adventure Program by participating in the workup trips, the supporting fund-raisers and the High Adventure Trips each year
  6. Follow the Trail to Eagle and attain your Eagle Rank
  7. Give back to the troop by helping those following along behind you

The Parent

  1. Place a high priority on "having FUN with your SON"
  2. Participate in the troop as an adult leader, committee member or merit badge counselor
  3. Participate with your son on weekend outings, fund-raisers, service projects and other troop events
  4. Contribute as part of the Friends of Scouting program
  5. Be aware of the BSA Program and your son’s progress in it and provide encouragement when conflicts arise
  6. Participate in Scouting with your son as he progresses up the path from a boy to a young man of character
  7. Participate in our High Adventure Program with your son and witness those "character building moments"



The Boy Scouts of America has placed the highest priority in keeping youth safe. The aspect of safety is stressed in every program offered or supported by BSA. We expect the following from our adult leaders, committee members and participating parents…

    • Always follow the 2-Deep Leadership Rule
    • All adult leaders, committee members and participating parents will attend Youth Protection Training. This training course is offered on-line at www.scouting.org.